Feedback on nom nom - an eat and get bigger game

I’ve started programming on roblox in October and recently soft released nom nom - a game where the user is a block (or nom), eats snacks and smaller players to expand, and tries to be the biggest in the server (and buy fun skins).

I spent 6k on ads over Christmas and got good feedback - I’m thinking about adding more custom trails in the game and making it a “rebirth-style” game to increase user playtime. I’m also thinking about making the map much bigger and creating obstacles that will make it difficult for players to get too big.

I would love for the game to have 100 concurrent players at one point. I feel like I’m 80% there to a good game but need help discerning how to get across the finish line.

Thanks for reading!


It looks like game of the old nostalgic nebulous. It’s really good however I would suggest making it phone compatible plus changing the UI a bit. Try using UICorner to make the edges more circular and make some shadows. It would really help you with the UI to get fixed.
Also it would be good if you make the vine positions circular to make them spawn randomly onto the map. Since the player is circular bad the eatables too.

(Apologies as I am having some problems with the autocorrector)

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Thank you for the reply! I’ve made progress making it phone compatible but doesn’t look like it’s there yet (instead of using a mouse, the player taps on where they want their noms to go). And making it work well on phone is a high priority because when I sponsored my game I split it evenly between PC/Tablet/Phone and I got >3.5% CTR for Tablet and Phone with a dismal response for PC.

You mean that it’s played more on PC?
Edit: nvm. Well to me it looks more like a mobile game. So I suggest focusing on making it phone compatible. Not thta it is not but I saw that the Mouse2 button is used and it somehow needs to be replicated on phone.

The game is inspired by agar, which looks like a copy of nebulous ha ha. There is a game like it already on roblox (with 20 million plays!) but I’m trying to make a better version of it.

I’ll dedicate more time making it phone compatible and will definitely improve the UI - it is crazy how high a % of plays are from tablet and phone - I remember when roblox was just on PC!

I suggest to make the game realistic with RTX enchancer.

I’m the original developer of RTX enchancer, you can find it in the toolbox, type “RTX enchancer”, if it is made by WardenFrew then it’s the original one, if not, it’s a copy.

I’ve never heard of RTX enhancers but I will look into it. I’m still very new to game development! Thanks!