Feedback on obby game

I made an 80 stage obby game and tried to make it more unique than other obbys on Roblox right now. If you have time could you check it out? BEING REVAMPED - Roblox


I really like the style and most of the stages feel unique, great work!

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was actually the first and only obby I ever completed. Definitely fun, simple, easy to beat, very unique stuff i haven’t seen before so it shows you’ve put time and effort into it, overall great game.

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overall it was great, but a lot of the red neon blocks and the fireballs didn’t kill me, not sure if that’s the style of the game or an accident.

Hmm strange Ill look into that. Where they moving or stationary ones?

Very nice obby idea. I really like the unique style, lots of work seems to have been put in here. I have never seen some of these obstacles. I recommend adding some UI(To fit your style of course). Also on your side you could try monetize it a bit more.

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Wdym monetize it a bit more? Nobody wants to play my games :rofl:

For the future. Also stage 11 is quite hard to understand me and two other people are stuck on it. Maybe a sign on what to do could help.

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el 11 es imposible de pasar (porfavor arreglelo)

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Its a logroll is the log not spawning??

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Yes, I’m guessing it had something with the golden button. Someone seems to have done it. But I can’t complete it and the others left.

all of them ( character limit : ignore )

level 27 is broken I think. other than that it’s pretty good.

It is not broken, you push the part in the center to rotate it.

I tried but it didn’t work, and the console kept giving an error, something about calling sound.

Push the thing in the center of the obstacle and rotate the part so you can jump acrossed. It works.

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Roblox 2021-05-14 13-45-25 Obstacles courses are more than just static jumps. I purposely made this obstacle no indicator on this to weed out nooby-er players before the more puzzle obstacles. Use your noodle! :grin: