Feedback on obby UI


Hello everyone!

I just want some feedback on my latest ui design.
Game UI (buttons on the sides)

Admin Commands


The ui also has the following open/close effect:
How to create this UI effect: Feedback on my UI effect




The UI’s are decent, the text might need some changes though, for the rest, it’s cool. I would recommend you adding gradients & custom background images to it though, like transparent background images.

If you would do that, the UI’s would look incredible.

Gosh, this is really nice and you even put some effort in the animations and those rounded corners! But I’m concerned about the Admin button, since players in mobile can accidentally press that because it’s too close to the jump button.

Maybe you can move the Admin GUI further bit from the jump button, or implement them in the Menu button. Additionally, you can colourize those button GUIs to make them more attractive to players! Overall, looks sweet!

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Only my friend @12Clockstudio and I can see this button.

Ah I see… well, I think that’s it! :]