Feedback on Obby

I have been working on an obby, and I’d like to hear you guys’ feedback!

Here’s the game link: Parkour Fun! - Roblox


It’s good for a obby game. My only suggestion is that the little cutscene that welcomes the player should be shortened a little, as that much of it is just a blank screen. Otherwise, I’d say it’s pretty well made!

(Also, I like how you made stage 13 so that you couldn’t just skip the last jump onto the midway platform. That caught me by surprise!)


Thanks for your feedback! I’m going to change that UI at the start soon.
Again, thanks for your feedback!

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It’s very annoying to a player to wait before trying again. Every time they die it takes a while to respawn. Instead try setting this to 0

Thanks for your feedback!

I will change that.

Everything you guys suggested has been changed.