Feedback on Obby/Story type game!

:wave: Hello!
I’ve been working on a really cool yet hard indie game! An obby game that has a story game like feeling. It’s been almost a month since the production for this game started I’m really proud how far I’ve gotten!


This is the first time I’ve gotten so far, yet so motivated to keep making progress each day! Let me know if you have any feedbacks!
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There is no photos, but this is really good-looking.


Thanks I’m really new so I don’t know how to upload images, if you could show me it would be excellent!

Figured it out! Thanks alot for the feedback!

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What is the code in your game, Im interested!

It’s all just modelling for now! I’m really new to scripting so I’ve challenged myself to script everything (with help ofcourse), and I’ve decided to do the scripting part by part, so every obstacle I’ll clean some code up, and create new scripts :slight_smile:

How many stages in the obby? What have you learned about scripting?

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I have actually learnt quiet a lot from my friends/devforum/researching/experience, I’ve planned to create 50 stages with an extra stage which is supposed to be a boss fight! I’ve planned really unique stage’s which aren’t finished yet, but will look stunning when finished!

So you are a self-taught scripter? For modeling, do you use blender? Also the boss, I like that idea!

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Yes, you can say self-taught, I use blender almost all the time, thanks for you’re amazing feedback!

can you add images? cant see anything.

Sorry the images aren’t uploading if they do they quickly just break

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It should be working now thanks!

you’re spending too much on the design, which i agree is fine, but i can’t really see any harder parts. very nice looking though.

It looks really pretty, I cant wait for it to come out

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I really don’t worry about how much time the section takes, I just want it to be eye pleasing. Thanks for the compliment!

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I’ll try my best to get it out by 2022 :slight_smile:

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i know but, can we see harder stages? also, add detail and rocks and vines and shrubber and stuff to the walls to make it look more like a cave than S Q U A R E TU N N E L? yeh? also have water in some places maybe? and more plants? more bumps too? idk tho
also, icy, when is a planned release date for this game?

I’m planning to add “harder” stages as you say, I’m just starting off easy stages and making them harder each stage, and it’s supposed to be a witch house not a cave :smiley:, I’m planning to add “water”, and including “water” in a stage. I really can’t decide as this is my first game but I’m hoping to release it by 2022

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you’re making good progress. keep posting devlogs or whatever like this?