Feedback on one of my first models?

I am new to modelling, and I am very proud. I made this in ROBLOX Studio.
It is a Television Camera.

Please, feedback, thoughts, and criticism.


For first time modeling that is very impressive.
The camera lens looks a bit strange but overall it came out very nice in my opinion.

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I didn’t know what to do for the lens, so I see where you are coming from. Thank you so much!

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Looks amazing so far, plenty of detail!

However, usually television cameras stand far taller than the one you have built, only improvement I’d recommend is to increase the height of the camera a bit!

I agree, I decreased the size after realising it was almost double the size of a character. Thank you! :slight_smile:

For your first model it’s impressive, maybe detail this? (Change the shape)

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Should I turn all the text into 3D text?
Also, thanks!

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The text is fine, I meant change the shape of it to something similar;

I agree, I will smoothen the top a bit more.

I have done some simple smoothing of it.


Much better, came out good in my opinion.

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Thank you so much. Any idea for what I should do next?

One more thing I would recommend for you to do is to improve the camera lens.

I’d recommend adding a more spherical shape around the lens but still inside the outer frame.

  • This image is a good example as to what I mean, you can see a more smooth spherical inset around the glass. Your lens is just encapsulated by a box in the simplest terms.

If you’re talking about the camera, maybe do something to the lens;

I will give it a go. Thanks for the tips.

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Looks good, I will try it out. Thanks again.

Usually, the camera body will not be centered to the tripod, as the lens weight a lot, and are liable to tip over.

The mount is not so much a tripod, yet a standstill camera. I plan to make it be able to move the top half though.

This is a very good first model! I know this is a build, but if you want to, you can script the screen to show the camera’s view.

I thought roblox didn’t support multiple Camera objects.