Feedback on one of the first logos I've made!

Howdy! I’m a current UI deisnger but I’m branching out into doing Logo designs but before I start accepting logo commissions, i’d like to know if there’s any way I can improve my logos. Thanks!
I’ve attached a picture to my very first serious logo. <3


I think that is incredible. I think the font should be based off what kind of mood you want your game to be tho. Let’s say you want your game to be a fun Island where you run around (based off the Logo above), then maybe a bubbly font would go well with it instead of a what ever font you have above. This is just an idea.
Bubbly font reference:

^^Got it off google^^
Other than that I think everything is nice especially classy looking trees.

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It looks decent for a first logo, maybe you could possibly add more detail into it?
It looks pretty simple, maybe make it more exiting.

Oooooo, nice idea! Thanks, I’ll definitely try that out.

Yeah, I’ll add more personality to it and make it more playful.