Feedback on our farming game


Hello! I am the main developer of a game me and @MrDogMusic are developing. It is a farming game where you start at the farm where there is a groveof apples, oranges, and blueberries. You can click them to harvest them then sell them at a nearby market. You can then buy other areas, unlock cars and boosts etc. We are also going to add a system of recipies. You can use the crops your harvested to make foods of more worth than the raw materials. Note: This game is still in development and the map is NOT finished.




Release Strategy

Make paid access for a week or two then spend the money for that and 10k-30k on ads
Make free and spend 10k-30k on ads


What is the games, build/ui/game design quality?

  • Awesome Game Quality!
  • Good Game Quality
  • Ok Quality
  • Meh
  • Ew

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Ending Notes

Please give specific feedback on things like the build/ui quality, Release stratagy, etc.


I couldn’t tell if the farms and shop are close together. It would be easier to play your game if it didn’t take long to travel. If your game has vehicles, then they can be farther apart. Also, make sure the long roads lead to places that are worth traveling a long way to. If it takes a while to get anywhere, then people might not play your game.

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We do have vehicles you travel to the other side of the island to use the factory to use the recipies and make food.

Can you tell me about how long it takes to get there? I would like to know before I vote.

Not that on honestly, out run speed is more than normal to make getting around easier and if you have a car it is super fast.