Feedback on our new project!

Hello, Developers!

I have this project and its called The World this is actually in alpha but it is playable, In this group

And here is the screenshots and a video of this project.
The Video:

The Screenshots:
First Picture:

Second Picture:

I am not got at creating Gui’s please don’t get mad at me.


nice map in the corner and the phone. looking good so far


Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it!

Well well well, look what we have here! This is awesome. The menu button animations are very very creative, I have never seen anyone do that little wobble thing (dunno what it’s called) but it looks really sick. The minimap is also very neat, I have always wanted to try one but never have so maybe I’ll look into that. The phone, very nice, coming out from the corner of the screen, a nice way to conceal it, and overall this is pretty great. My only complaints are first, the colour scheme, you should definitely look into better colours. Maybe using And for the phone I think you could use better icons. There are lots of Icon Libraries: Material Icons - Roblox, Interface Tools - Roblox, and you can get open source icons as well from Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts. And to finally end this off, I recommend you size down the “[Alpha]” I tell people that it’s not important to the point where you have to put it in the title, you could put like a little warning popup but other than that it’s not necessary to be that big.


Thanks for the feedback, and also thanks for listing down some things i should change.
Thanks for the Material Icons I’ve actually been wanting to get some thing like that but I already have Interface Icons and Thanks for the open source stuff i should look into.
And I will change the title.

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i mean ui isn’t great, make minimap cursor not as big, and uh have a map and idk its not really a real game rn


Thanks for the feedback
I will inprove the UI and add a map

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I like the minimap and menu, but the phone icons just kind of look strange. I hope your project goes very well though!

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Not a big fan of the menu gui, but other then that it looks alright