Feedback on our obby

Hello developers!
Me and my friend, P0_RG have started working on a new game recently called The Porg Obby. it is currently the 4th game, due to the other 3 breaking, but that’s not important. What i’m here for is to ask all of you for feedback on our game. It can be for literally anything to do with the game, i’m open to everything and anything

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The core game itself is pretty standard. Just another obby. Though I like how you guys but a theme on the levels. Just some suggestions I don’t like how linear the level(s) are. I mean obbies in themselves are very linear as is, but what I’m trying to say is to maybe add some curves make the player go to different heights, and so on and so forth. I’m not saying to make the obby with an open-world core game design to it, but rather to add some variation than rather just a straight line of obstacles you go through. Also, make the ui friendly towards mobile players too, I notice that the ui was where the joystick would go for mobile players, so if you intend on making this game mobile compatible try positioning the ui somewhere where it doesnt interrupt and mobile buttons such as the joystick. Another suggestion would be to add some more unique obstacles I saw few unique obstacles but that was it. Most of the obstacles were pretty standard and bland. Even something as small as a spinning platform would make this game a bit more unique. And lastly I would suggest adding music on the actual levels themselves.

Other than that the game idea, building, and other stuff is pretty good.

Thanks for the feedback! I was spending hours trying to make it fit for all platforms, but it never came to mind about the joystick. Also, we are currently working on some music for the levels.

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