Feedback on outfit

I recently made this outfit and would love some feedback! any tips would be a lot helpful as well.



Do the jeans just not have any foot wear at all, or is it just the angle? Also the neck hole seems to be a bit too large. (unless that’s intentional)


May I ask, how did you make that showcase? Is that a GFX?

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Yea I didn’t know how to make footwear, but i’m learning since I’m a beginner. Also the neck hole is intentional because the top can be worn on top of dresses.


I actually rendered the character for the showcase, but I saw a youtube tutorial where there’s a different way they showcase clothes so you can also check that out. Search for ‘Roblox clothing showcase tutorial’.

That helps a lot! Thanks. Would you be able to link the vid? I can’t find it.

Feedback on clothing:
You have done the shading well on the top, it suits it and blends well. The shading on the pants looks a bit awkward in my opinion; maybe you could blend it a bit more next time? You could also clean up the line at the top of the jeans. Other than that, looks great!

For a beginner thats very good, cool. Good job.

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Here it is
and thank you for the feedback!

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It didn’t show how to make a gfx or render it like you did.

Oh I thought you wanted to know how to properly showcase, I rendered my character in Cinema 4D with a transparent background and then added it on another background in photoshop.

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Do you happen to have the link to the rig you used?

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It’s not a rig, I imported my character from roblox studio to c4d.

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I really like how you added the seams onto the jeans like that, but the jeans are going over the jean button and the pockets are off centered and go down way too low. Jeans tend to normally look more grainy so i recommend next time you make jeans you add some texture to that bad boy. The top even though simple is kind of nice, it does the job.

PS. I thought the outfit had those black lines for a second and it took me a second to realize you just exported a roblox mannequin onto blender or C4D lmao. I recommend making a 2d presenter to put the clothing on for future reference.

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Thanks for the feedback! They were my first jeans that’s why they don’t look great anyways yes I didn’t know how to showcase outfits but now I got an idea. :smile:

I absolutely love the detail and stitches on the top half of the jeans. I think if you could make it symmetrical, it would be even better.
Since denim is rougher, one thing that could help are adding textures, finding a stock photo online and layering it on top of the current image.

Otherwise, I love this, keep up the great work! :+1:

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