Feedback on Parkour Course

So I’m making parkour courses for people to do as a side thing in my game:

I want to know how my first one was and what I could do better. Thank you!

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Varying terrarin height on the walls would make it pop a little more, adding some rocks, bushes, and trees will defintley spice it up, I’d recommend changing the water material to be something more fitting to the cartoony aesthetic (or just go for smooth plastic as well).

The start and end seem a little bland of course, adding differentiating details like the checkered starting points would defintley help. Obstacale course seems a little copy/paste/rotate dealio with some being way to straight. Try making the terrain vary alot in rotation and add different details making each part stand out a little.

Adding some details to the walls like rocks sticking out may also help, anything to give it a little spice would interest players a little more in the parkour, and maybe adding a chest at the end would entice them.

Yeah. I was going to add a reward if they finished but I haven’t put it in yet.

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I love it. I’m really into cartoony designs, its cartoony and looks vibrant. Good Work.