Feedback on Parkour Game I'm working on

Been working on this game its been a pretty fun experience. started with 0 knowledge of scripting or building and in around 2 months I’ve learned so much! not enough though because now I feel limited in being able to script the current things I want.

was trying to set up leaderboard and hopefully I can get a shop out by next week.
tbh I really wish people would make more obbies themed. I am obsessed with the parkour community but its lacking so much in the creative aspect… most all being in the sky… I kinda see why with the current lag in my game coming from part count I think… wanted to make 50+ levels but might just settle with 25…

I’m sure a dev team with actually good builders and stuff could slay at this idea.

please tell me

does my game flow good? how is the difficulty, what changes can I make?

game: Parkour Champions (Beta)



I like the custom chat and everything. The UI is nice and easy on the eyes, while the name tag has custom features. Overall, a very well made game.


I really love this game, but there are a few minor things I have noticed.

  • On the Ice Level (I believe level two) the spawn platform elevates you up.

    I believe this might be due to a oversized mesh but I would look deeper into it.

  • I have noticed that the music restarts every time you re-spawn. This is most likely caused if it is in a local script. To fix this I would recommend this video by Alvin Blox.

  • On the last level I have a suggestion that is purely personal preference. I believe on the level with the spinning red rods you should change the spawn point closer to the actual parkour. I think this would be a great change because now every time you re-spawn you need to walk up the ramp which would get pretty annoying over time.

Overall I think this is a great game. I cannot wait for this to be completed.


oh I see it now! I never tested on mobile yet thanks I guess I’ll resize/revamp the UI


thank you so much! means a lot to keep pushing forward

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I’ve been having that glitch on all levels sometimes… no idea why I might have to relook into it!

and music has been an issue that seemed impossible to fix but I’ll look into that video as well!

and I like the idea of moving the platform in red I will be doing this! great advice!


Cool crossing but maybe add some crystals here so it dont look empty


Maybe add some Bars over there

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It’s nice, very detailed but the title is misleading, when I saw parkour I was expecting something like vaulting, wall running etc. You should rename it to obby or something different than parkour, still a very nice game though

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love this idea some crystals hanging from wall

yeah, true! maybe Obby champions or something… I do see how all parkour games are in that style but I didn’t know it was mainly for them. I shall change it!

Well done. The game is amazing.

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