Feedback on past two GFX wanted

I made these two thumbnails recently and need feedback. I made them for my portfolio for fun I used photoshop and cinema 4d.

Feedback is wanted!


Greetings, your GFX looks very well-made to be used for a game, though I would recommend since you used cartoonish low-poly models you used for the background, I think you should apply some cartoonish design for the sky instead of looking realistic.

For instance, if you made a tree cartoonish you can’t make the grass look realistic, because it would really ruin it’s appearance.
Same thing applies here, I think you should change the realistic clouds to low-poly, cartoonish clouds to fit for the background for the image.

Overall, I see you did a very good job in making this GFX though some minor improvements should be applied for the background.


They look great! There are a few things that really think that should be fixed. The sky doesn’t fit with the lighting of the scene, and that is especially noticeable in the first one. For the first one, I didn’t even realize there was a knife in the first place, as it blended too much in with the background. I would recommend doing it at a different angle or making the knife pop out more.

I think you did a great job! :happy2:

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Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely try to improve the sky.