Feedback on perlin noise terrain

Ive recently been experimenting with perlin noise terrain and in my opinion its pretty cool so I decided to share it and get some criticism or feedback.
Photos of perlin noise terrain:

waterfall (that was not supposto happen)

islands that look like a goose

literally just five islands

The question is:
What should I add or remove?

  • Make the trees use noise instead of random numbers.
  • Add caves which you can dig.
  • Make tree variants so that the trees dont look the same.
  • Other (reply below)

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edit: I accidentally put only one choices


how did you made that? i am interested in knowing :thinking:

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You could use math.noise but I used this library for more features to perlin noise.

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well ill be damned that how much the world has advanced from coding

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Hey @Proville6 , the perlin noise terrain looks very cool!

I think you should try adding new biomes with new plants, trees and new land variations.

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Thanks for the ideas, ill definetly add some of those as soon as I can!

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add some ores! it makes the game better and oh try adding some mobs as well (minecraft moment) to make the game H A R D

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Thanks for the idea for ores and mobs! (minecraft momentos)

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make it so they won’t look like mirrored.

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I made them mirriored so I can make it generate goose looking islands.

Is it me or does this game really look like this game in this video

The vote you make is very like the one in the video so uhhhhhh i guess this is a recreation in Roblox then :rofl:

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