Feedback on Perlin Noise Triangle Terrain

After an hour or two, I have finally got a half-good looking version of triangle terrain. This was my first ever time ever dealing with triangles after making countless amounts of demos using cubes. This is a 2d grid based triangle terrain system that includes:

  • A bad attempt at making elevated grounds seem more realistic (dirt)
  • Mountains that smoothly fit in to the scene (I plan on making it based on something other than height)
  • Triangles placed using perlin noise

Shoutout to the 110,000 WedgeParts in workspace.Terrain that contributed to making this scene. And thanks to EgoMoose’s article on drawing 3d triangles.
Couldnt make this without it.

The settings/variables I used in this screenshot were:

  • 175 Resolution (On both X and Z)
  • 8x Position Multiplier

Heres probably the best screenshot I could get with basic lighting settings, sunrays, and atmosphere. Of course, I am no lighting mastermind so dont expect any crazy good graphics.

What can I improve on this? I am already planning on making the coloring smoother and adding water, but if you have anything else to say that may improve this in any way please feel free to say so.

Also heres how it looks without the dirt

Which do you find better?

  • The one with dirt
  • The one without dirt

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