Feedback on Pets i made

Hello everybody, recently i started to 3D model in blender and i thought why not try something simple and easy so i decided to make 3 pets.

  1. alien
  2. cat

Here’s how they turned out, please note i am not good at making faces


I would like some feedback on what i could improve on and what i did do good! also if somebody can teach me to make faces for my pets please let me know i use and would like to learn.

Thanks for taking the time to read and have a great day :wave:


Those pets actually look pretty cool for a cartoon type game! I think if you could improve a bit more on the faces then it would look perfect.

Good job!!!

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Great first Model! When starting out always remember that you will have a lot of mistakes but mistakes will make you stronger!

  • What I recommend you can improve on is the detail. You have a good set base now try adding more detail.

  • Try something new! A lot of people make pets a lot and its a bit over rated try coming up with a new style of pets, whether that can be a new shape, new design of faces, and accessories that are out of this world!

  • As you said you make faces with paint,net. That is a good app that some people use but starting out you should try making faces by modeling them! Its a good way to learn how to work around things and learn new things with it, it may not turn out great or amazing but that’s alright, it’s the whole process of learning something new/being a beginner.
    also try to watch videos of experts using Blender or whatever software you use to get a better idea of what your doing.


These are nice! Maybe make the cat’s ears bigger? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for taking the time to write that long message i appreciate it i will take those into consideration thank you

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I personally like them, but I would recommend you to try to find a more unique pet style

This type of pets are all around Roblox, I searched “pet” in games and the first thing I saw was:

: image

Which is really similar to the cat you made.

The alien instead, seems pretty unique, even the style is the same, the fact it is an alien makes it more special. But nothing crazy

It would be nice to see more variations in Roblox pets. Anyways, good job.

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Thanks for your feedback


those pets look really good, really creative. good job!

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While there put together pets you could try creating different styles of them so it doesn’t feature similar design as ones seem in different simulators games nowadays. The let’s look decent, but I’d recommenced creating more models instead of too examples if your just starting to use Blender. For the pets your looks put together correctly if I were to suggest any feedback, try creating more perhaps try implementing too heads or more parts on that specific model.

Adding different colours on some of the pets parts slightly different shades is a really nice addition. Something similar to a few images online.

The models look pretty cute in their own style and looks pretty simple. I really appreciate that you made everything here like the faces and the model.

But lets talk some criticism

So far the model is only square which is very common used on roblox which is why you should try to create new and different shapes for the pets.