Feedback on Piano I built

So today I decided to make a Piano, here is the results below:

Feedback would be awesome!

(In the future im going to make it work :wink: )


Idk but the big space in the back is the place where the sound comes and now where the sound will come from I hope you understand what I said but not bad for first try

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Okay thank you for the feedback. But I understand what you are saying, but the model i went off of did not have the back part like you were saying.

The model looks very well done, but as a piano player I can tell you that the sound coming out of this instrument would sound unfathomably messed-up.

On an actual piano, it alternates between two black keys and three black keys interchangeably, like this:


This is optional, but the left and right pedals should also curve outwards, away from the middle.

Overall, it looks great, just the technical issues.


I really like the design, the wood is very nicely touched. I recommend changing the color of the cushion to maybe white. Other than that, everything is perfect! This model is a 10/10, nothing else to change. Good work. :+1:

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