Feedback on piano

I’d like some feedback on this piano i made In roblox studio.
Also suggest things that i could improve (if there is anything that can be improved)


looks amazing! you did a great job, and i can tell you put in effort

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I don’t think anything has to be improved; fantastic job.

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You could add more octaves if you’re going for realism.


That is a lot of detail. Great work! :+1:

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Thanks for the positive feedback!

I might do that for more realism. Thanks for the suggestion

I looks very realistic, with an old style, we see that you put effort in it! Next stage: Make the piano play music!

I did that right after posting this (sorry for the bad quality) And you are right, Its based of a old piano from the 1900’s

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Wow it is nice! Is there any way I can get it?

i made it as a prop for a Dark rp game that me and my friend are developing. I can send you the link once its released. but if you are desperate i could send you the model

It really does feel nice! I don’t know how to improve it so well done!

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