Feedback on Pizza Parlor Exterior

Hello, I just need some feedback on what to improve in this low poly Pizza Parlor Exterior.
(Only exterior)


Thank you.


I really like it. Though something about this:


looks off. I suggest making the window wider.


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I was thinking more like extending it towards the door. Though it looks good.

Another thing, do you think the door looks really small compared to the window?

Hmm, I will see how it looks smaller.

Looks nice! The top of the building is a bit cluttered and some of the vents are unnecessary and do not seem to add much value to the model.

The windows seem too far from the door, possibly make a separate window next to the door, or on the other-side of the door.

The pizza itself may want to be turned on an angle and made a bit wider, but also change the color of the cheese because it does not quite match the color scheme of what you are trying to do.

I would also suggest making the front of the buildings, instead of spheres, 2-D flat spheres, much like this model I made. The 3-D spheres just do not much the entire low-poly aspect of this piece.

Oh and the semicircle on the floor of the door is unnecessary!

My reference pic:

Remember this is just my opinion, I don’t mean anything hurtful or trying to be a self-declared critic. I enjoy doing poly-work myself. If you want I’m going to open-source my low-poly shop so you can make reference to the front of the building! :slight_smile:


Okay, thank you for the suggestions.

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The text on the sign needs to be bolder if you are able to do that

Of course, I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you for the suggestion.

Looks amazing! But there should be more windows, then just the window at the front.