Feedback on "Play" UI

Hey Developers :wave:

My friend an I are making a tiny little game and I made this UI for it. I want to know what I could improve on.
Here it is:


Please don’t be rude. Criticism is aloud, just not too harsh. Also, please keep in mind this is only my third UI. Thanks, and have a good day.


It looks great. Are you going to add a map for the background? If you do, you should add a short cutscene in the background to give players a peek of the game before they play. Don’t forget the title of the game.


It looks good, the bezels for the play button are quite large and empty, so I would maybe add some edge patterns to the it. The word “Play!” is not centered on the button as well.


Looks good, like the style! My main feedback regards the shape of the “Play!” button. Squares aren’t very common, mainly because they don’t fit the size/length of the text. You did the “Join a Friend” really well - I suggest making the play button into a rectangle, to be more visually appealing.

I think that’s an issue with the font - for some fonts, the fonts are off-centered automatically.

Overall, great work :+1:

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Thanks everyone for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it.

well i’d make it less big and just have it 2ish times the join a friend button, and make the padding equal (oh yeah that font is offcentered, just put it down a bit ig)

bad at padding smh :angry::angry:

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Hey, in my defense I taught you how to use padding a few hours ago…


shh we dont talk about that


Decent generic cartoonish UI perfect for all low poly simulators. You can add a mild bouncy animation after :sunny:

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too late secrets uncovered

caught in 4K

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This is way to big, the text size is 100 pixels, which is the maximum amount in roblox.

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it looks nice i like the font and the collors but the play button is a little big

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