Feedback on Playstation Home UI

Hello, I’m Hydrinated A Roblox UI Designer. I’d like some feedback on this Playstation home
screen ui! (It’s playlist for copy-right reasons)

Icons: Adobe Stock, Flaticon



For one, these icons were taken from the internet. It seems like your just rushing through all your UI designs. Take the time to make good logos and icons for your UI design.

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This is just really average stuff. Icons you didn’t make yourself just overlayed on top of a gradient (with very visible banding) and some bland text at the top. This bears no resemblance to the PlayStation UI in most if not all respects. You call yourself a “UI Designer” but the work I’ve seen you make is more akin to programmer art than actual professional work. As for this post, I recommend learning some way to make your own icons, and try to learn more of the actual process for UI design (margins, text sizes, alignment, etc.) for your future work.

ok guys chill i made that a couple months ago

It looks good and all that stuff but who made those images gui tho

sorry, forgot to credit.
Icons: Adobe, Flation

Copy right alert I won’t publish that if I was you mate

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uh i’ll change it

OK cool :+1::+1::+1: I just don’t want you to get copyrighted

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You can use the icons, as long as you attribute them. :slight_smile:

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Yeah but still I don’t like to do that i rather do my own thing

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exactly it won’t be that nice to have a attribute on the front page of your game or so it will be better if you made them yourself

Yeah exactly it’s better to make your own

i can attribute it in a hidden UI and just incase they wanna copyright i can just show them it and make it invisible again…

Depends on what you want to do

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