Feedback on plugin: RayCode - Run sandboxed code in real-time

I started working on this plugin known as RayCode about 2 months ago as a simple but useful IDE/code-editor.

There’s builtin syntax-highlighting, that is fast and runs separately from the editor to avoid yielding.

(boatbomber’s highlight module sample code: GitHub - boatbomber/Highlighter: RichText highlighting Lua code with a pure Lua lexer)

Flexible Window Sizing

I’ve also implemented autocomplete which interprets different key types (e.g function → ()) and can be autocompleted via the tab key or clicking one of the keywords in the list. It also recognizes libraries and variables.

Context-menu for clear navigation of actions and windows


Independent Output logging


Formatting Code

But why?
I wanted to make something that was easy, portable and useful; you just whip it up and tada - it works. I found other plugins like InCommand which were lacking in useful settings like color config, autofill, etc (although I know it’s sole purpose was to be simple). There’s no practical use of this over Roblox’s script editor which includes a much more intelligent LSP.

Any future plans?
I plan to integrate some sort of VSC-like feature that allows version control, let me know any ideas!

This is a huge plugin and right now there are too many issues for me to maintain, find and fix.

Although tabbing does work, pasting code will not auto-format it as it’s regex is reserved for autofill (input is a lot more restrictive within plugins). It’s mostly just visual bugs which don’t affect the actual functionality of the plugin as of now, but I do still hope to find more.

I’m considering letting someone else alot more experienced than me to takeover the plugin as I plan to completely remake this plugin into something alot more simple like InCommand with the same features (autofill, execute, syntax-highlighting, saving scripts, etc).

Use Cases

  • Testing code for client or serversided in real-time (both playtesting and whatnot)
  • Keeping a directory of saved scripts per project without having to make messy folders and search for it
  • Keep logs independent from the output which can reduce messy error loggings and fill it

For now, the plugin is not for sale.

Appreciating all feedback!


I mean I use Rojo and I just dont see myself using this but it’s certainly something cool though

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