Feedback on post-apocalyptic map with huge update to environment/atmosphere

sorry if I’m posting too frequently about this, my last post was 4 days ago

We’ve done a lot of work on the environment of the map now, it’s a lot less desolate than before. We’re going for a Last of Us map design now.

Prop cars and more vegetation will be added

I’m just looking for general feedback, thank you :slight_smile:

Link to visit map : The Last Days - showcase - Roblox


Looks outstanding. Can you go inside the building?

You can’t go into those two buildings but most of the other buildings in the map currently will be enterable.

This flickers when you move your camera. Might want to go around and fix that.

EDIT: Same with this:

Normally this occurs due to two or more parts with some overlapping edges. It’s a bad habit to do and can drive one to the conclusion that the builder wasn’t putting much effort into the work (which probably isn’t true because it’s only for half of them) or didn’t care about it.

sorry about that, once you get closer the terrain loads in and covers the road

you also won’t be able to zoom out that far, but thanks for the feedback

Look great! nice use of lighting as well!

Thank you very much, the lighting has really improved the aesthetic :slight_smile:

The details on the map are spot on! Everything looks realistic as if it came out of a movie. Some things you could maybe consider is adding cracks in the walls because normally when plants start to over grow they can create cracks in the walls, roads, and other stuff.

Another thing to consider is adding water pipes underneath the parts of the road that have been broken down. When I was exploring I saw that you did this on some parts of the map but normally when a road breaks down the pipes break down as well.

Also the containers added around the map are a bit small compared to a regular sized avatar. Normally they are twice the height of a person.

I’m sure there were more stuff to look at but the map is just HUGE. The landscape looks realistic as if the city were abandon. You’ve done really well on this project :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your map looks pretty cool!
It certainly has that post-apocalyptic feel to your build.
The amount of light you’ve added is perfect, and so is the amount of detail.
Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions :slight_smile:

Pretty realistic and detailed building & environment.

Try adding the destroyed building pieces that have fallen down. Maybe framed glass windows, the support pillars, etc.

Why not also make the windows transparent, would look way cooler in my opinion.

Pretty good tho.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions :slight_smile: I’ll try to put in as much as you suggested in-game.