Feedback on practice GFX

Hi there! I’ve been toying with the thought of doing GFX commissions for a while, and I just made a little practice image for an example. Is there anything I can improve on it? Thanks!


User in photo: TanqR


Seems good to me…well done ! :slight_smile:

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Seems a bit simple maybe try rendering in cycles and try create a scene on the blade part of the sword make a seperate material and lower the roughness so its shiny. and just impove the overall lighting.

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Some things are better to do in eeve, but I agree the lighting could do with some work.

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Great pose! Only feedback would give is to try using a different rig, this one is completely free (the demo version) and i think it could help you improve! Ultimate Roblox Rig [Blender] - YouTube

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Yeah, I couldn’t figure out how to make the rig I used less reflective. I might try rendering in cycles, I saw a video the other day that showed how to fix some of the issues I was having when I used that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks for showing me this! I’ll give it a shot! :grin:

welll the lighting isn’t great and his posing is weird and there’s a light coming from nowhere and his sword is glowing in one spot and his posing is unrealistic and its undetailed and too simple

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