Feedback on practise GFX

I made another Practise GFX today and in this GFX I was practising my usage with PBR shaders. Overall I think it went well. But your feedback and decision about it is what matters!!!


Quality was killed by devforum ;-;

The background looks an bit bland and the skybox is quite ‘too realistic’ So i would add an couple of like more scenery so the skybox tress dont look weird

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I think it looks amazing, great work! The only issue I would say is the lighting, in my opinion i can’t see the character stroked in red, did you use an HDRI?

I will keep that in mind thanks!!!

I didn’t use a HDRI, I made the lighting myself tried to make it dark but not too dark bcs in the scene it is night.

Alright, next time you should try using an HDRI, maybe you can make your own HDRI too. Personally its also realistic and the scene in the back looks like its in the afternoon because of the day time small areas that are kind of noticiable. Overall, the overlays you used on the weapons or so are amazing too.

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I can not see much the background is very dark

Thanks!!! Usually I don’t like the lighting of the HDRI bcs I always feel like something is missing and its too bright in some occasions.

If you’re using blender, (looks like you are), you should turn ambient occlusion on it basically turns the lighting to a suitable mode. :slight_smile:

Alright thanks I forgot about that since I render with cycles