Feedback on profile picture

Hi! I drew this low poly profile picture for my character, let me know what you think.
Profile picture
When I stare at it for long enough it looks a little unnatural, but I’m not sure what exactly to change.

Note: I recently changed my avatar but the devforum hasn’t updated it yet, so this may look different than my devforum profile picture. My new character is pretty blocky, just like it is in the drawing.


Ummm maybe use an HDRI and instead of two shades paint tool dots use blender and make a 3D model without lines. Cool concept over all! :smiley:


I wanted to have a drawn profile picture, which is why I haven’t used blender for it. I don’t want it to look realistic and rendered, but cartoony and low-poly. Thanks for the feedback!

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Looks good, may e draw some grass and clouds in. Overall, very nice work!
Edit: Ty for the like, I love Flappy Noob!

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I removed the lines, should I put them back?

I preferred it with the lines. Maybe keep it without the lines but give the character an outline just around the body.

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Now that the lines are gone, I feel like it looks better! This is really good work. The only thing I will comment on is the background. Maybe a little more background will make this drawing much more appealing.

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Aight, I’m keeping off most of the lines but I’m outlining the character like @TheBestKieranat10 suggested.

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Looks good. Think maybe making the outline a bit thicker and making it white would help. Huge fan of your amazing work btw!

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This looks pretty nice, the only things I’d point out is the left leg (unnatural) and the right arm is bending. You should definitely add a background, good job nonetheless

The right arm is bending a little bit, other than that nice job!

the arms in my opinion are tad bit too high, and that the right one is bending. good job though