Feedback On Profile UI

Hello! I’m Hydrinated A Roblox UI Designer, I’d like It If you can give me constructive criticism. Thanks!


If you’d wanna see more designs and hire me: Hydrinated's UI Portfolio! [OPEN]

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Ooooh, that’s…well…

  • Text could use some improvement. I suggest some bolder fonts and a dropshadow or stroke.
  • Icons don’t fit with each other or the rest of the UI at all.
  • Background gradient is distracting and bright, I suggest making it a dark grey if that’s what you’re going for.

You could start with that, although the whole thing could use a lot of work.


Okay, I’ll update the UI. They’re all just text, I did no art at ALL

I feel like the color gray doesn’t match with the background. Try changing it into a different color that works with the background. Overall, pretty good.


Thanks for your feedback! I’ll change It.

Honestly, if you are going to use grey then maybe do like a black background with a gradient, also, personally in my UX experience, the less text the better, people generally like minimal amounts of text on simple UI’s so try to represent with symbols, and not text

I made this as a quick example to show you what I mean

Feel free to use this, I don’t really care if you take this from me, and no need for credit if you do


Okay, I would take It since you said I can but it’s not a free model. Can you make it a free model?

and would i be able to put it on a portfolio?

Why would you put someone else’s work on your portfolio?

Also background does not match icons.
Icons are really low detail.


Disclaimer: Icons from flaticon

and i just dont know

@Hydrinated putting my work on your portfolio would not only tarnish your reputation but it would give people the image that you are a stealer, I posted it mainly as a reference.

and as @dmksa123 said, why would you want to put my work on your portfolio? I just posted it as a mere reference.

Also, try using an external program, your UI looks very simplistic, and it looks like it was made in studio and simply added a UIGradient to.

Oh, I thought you posted It as a resource. You missed the free model though

Also, It’s 10 at night for me, I’m tired i barely know what im saying

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haha, I understand that no worries

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Also, They’re not all simplistic! You can check out my portfolio to see my other designs… (They’re 10x better)

Hydrinated’s UI Portfolio! [OPEN]

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compared to some designs I’ve seen, you need a lot more practice, but with practice comes perfection, so get cracking!

(Maybe get cracking tomorrow not at 10:00 PM :sweat_smile: :rofl:)

okay! i will!

I be at school lol so maybe at around 11:30AM tommorow, lol

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Also, This UI Is my best UI, lol The profile one i made at around 3:00AM yesterday so i was tired with that one too

But the UI:

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I don’t know why but i always make things at night-time lol

That’s if i don’t have detention for always skipping class to play roblox :laughing:

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While I understand how ROBLOX is fun, it’s best not to let it divert your attention!