Feedback on project concept? - ESPY

Ok so basically as visible in the title I am making a new Roblox project called ESPY. I am the creator of Hitman: Reborn on Roblox, a faithful remake of the first hitman game called Hitman Codename 47. Due to its mixed reviews, I have thought of making a new project that will hopefully become one of the more popular games on Roblox. This time it is going to be an original concept. ESPY is going to be a third-person shooter game which will take inspiration from Just Cause 3, Max Payne 1 and Hitman Contracts. This game is going to feature a singleplayer story mode where the player will get to do missions. On the other hand, I am thinking of implementing a multiplayer mode in which players will work together at doing some sort of easier objectives. At this point, I have got a few development videos on YouTube showcasing the Intro Cutscene of the game along with a few development screenshots. What are your opinions and suggestions?

Intro Cutscene:

Combat Roll Test:

Development Screenshots:


I really liked Hitman: Reborn, mostly for it’s simplicity and mechanics! This game looks like it will be super fun, sorta like those old 2015 Roblox games that aren’t EXTREMELY detailed, but they have their own special little charm.
Can’t wait! (And aweseome job, I could never do this)

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This project concept looks great! Nice job on it so far!