Feedback on R15 animation

Hey everyone, i recently made a gun reload R15 animation and i would like to know if you think there is something bad with it. Please leave your suggestions in the comments

Here’s the animation:


clean and smooth, good job man!

Pretty good! My only question is, How are you going to do the reloading with the gun? Will their be a separate part that moves when reloaded? For the rating on the other hand, IN TERMS OF ORIGINALITY, it’s just a basic reload and fire animation so nothing special although it is really smooth and HQ. Overall (in terms of use), 8/10 Really good!


I didn’t really understand what you meant in your question but thanks for sending a feedback

Pretty good, but maybe make the gun seem heaviler/lower it when the player takes out the mag and starts holding it with one arm

Pretty smooth, I like it! The only issue I see is the way the arm moves. The lower arms aren’t really meant to bend like that if you’re trying to be realistic. If you try moving your arms like that in real life, you will see that it doesn’t move like that.

Other than that solid animation

Pretty smooth, however, the arm moves a little too much at the end. I’d suggest using rotation instead, or moving only the Lower Right Arm.

kinda choppy but still good job mate! better than i could ever XD

Looks good but the only problem is the left arm it’s going all over the place when if you wanted a more realistic reload then I would say try fix that only thing because if you look at a real arm the shoulder just rotates not move around.

But other then that good job.

Only issues I see are how the arms are bent, the elbows are broken, and it is a little bit too smooth imo. Maybe could try adding some roughness when inserting the mag.

Decided to remake that animation yesterday. Here’s what i made: