FEEDBACK on R6 gun animation!

Check out this R6 animation!


well can u show some gameplay with the animation??
i have to say, it needs some improvements

I haven’t scripted it in yet…
Also, how can I improve?

like a reload animation whenever the player’s ammunation(ammo) is over
and since this is a idel animation (i might be dumb) i think u also need a walk animation inorder for this to work while moving

This is a firing animation btw, no reload yet.

Idk what you mean by

u also need a walk animation in order for this to work while moving"

i might be just dumb since i dont know everything abt creating animation
so what i mean by that is whenever the player moves like walks, runs or jumps
(i think) the idel animation which is this will keep on firing,

it might be confusing :sweat_smile: but overall the animaton is good :+1:

Bruhh… an idle animation happens while the user is not doing anything.

This animation happpens when someone tries to shoot someone… But anyway, thank you for your feedback!

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i rated it trash cause it was the closest to bad

It isn’t that good, to be honest. Seems like two keyframes.

Well, what do you want me to do, put 5 keyframes in between? This isn’t a complicated animation, this is just a simple animation, not like a Goku Kamenamenha or something.

Thank you for your feedback, anyway. Making my animations more complicated now

Sorry, just add some more bounce to it. I wasn’t trying to be mean. Good luck with your game! :+1:

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ty! I made this in a short while, so I didn’t think of bouncing the thing lol

The Animation is so risky add some bounce, its true.

the animation isnt natural also its just weird add momentum to the arm movement.

Wdym ‘add momentum’? How do I do this?

No lie, it’s bad. What would i even rate here? Anyone can do this animation

Rotate torso left or right a bit and move the arm back a stud or two then back to get the better recoil effect. But if you’re going for simplicity, looks good enough. :+1: