FeedBack on Railgun Model

Hi i would like to get some FeedBack on my Railgun Model.

EGS_s-fX0AU-tL5 EGS_s-gWkAAB_Ts EGS_s-hWoAATHx9


I think it looks pretty nice, but its hard to see the detail in the model. If you go into studio and press alt+s for settings and go into rendering you can turn both quality levels to 21 so you can take better screenshots.

I’m pretty sure the Model being used is just a dummy model to show a character using the weapon. The colors work in my opinion, the traces of orange surprisingly work well with the shades of white, gray, and black. A lot of effort also seems to be put into it.

I agree that there is a lot of detail put into making it.

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It’s quite oversized for the average player.

I think it looks really cool! Personally I like oversized guns, but I guess some other people aren’t as fond of it. Roblox games don’t need 100% realism though.

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Excellent thematic design. The orange complements the gray really well and gives it a high-tech, high-danger kind of look.


This is a really good rail gun. I like the colors and detailing. I want to see how it looks working

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i don’t know if im being threatened by le monke with a railgun or he’s just holding it. either way he is asserting his alpha male/monkey dominance with said railgun.

Looks really nice! Bit big though,
I’m not a fan of this extra handle bit.