Feedback on realistic billiards game; one or two player

Ton of bugs fixed. Gameplay should be as expected. The audio is not fully in place yet and ideas for background music welcome!

Looking for constructive feedback?


The controls should be more like the billiards from Wii Play.


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The lighting and game are awesome, but there are a few issues, and I apologize if they seem a bit harsh.

  • The table is great, the carpet is great, the walls and pictures are great, but what’s up with the seats? I know they’re not a part of game play, but I expected a bit more after walking down the hall, into the nice room and sitting in what looks like a chair from a 2011 game.
  • The main GUI takes up a very large portion of the screen, which may be fine for a phone, but is a little much for a PC.
  • The hallway training boards are a little in your face. To me I’d probably like to see them on the sides of hallway. The font size change in a couple of the instructions kind of triggers me as well.
  • I tried hitting a few shots with the object ball at the mid table area as hard as I could and they only moved a relatively small amount. Normally in pool I can shoot my hardest and the object ball would rebound from one end to the other a couple times, but here it only rebounded off the end rail and barely made it to the opposite end rail. Same with the break, I expected the balls to move a lot more than they actually did. The power applied to the cue ball should be scaled up at least 1.5 times (probably more like 2 times) what you have it at.
  • I put bottom spin on a couple shots to bring the cue ball back and hit with full force, but instead of it travelling to the object ball, hitting it, and spinning back like it would irl the cue ball shot backwards immediately after hitting it.
  • The aiming system looks great, but from the perspective of someone who’s played pool irl a lot, it’s not easy to determine on a 2d screen where the cue ball is going to hit the object ball. In reality you can move your head and see the angles, but in your game your camera is only controlled by the RH mouse so you can’t move around without changing your aim. Maybe a semi-transparent cue ball showing at the location where it would contact the object ball would help in aiming.
  • The timer that lets you shoot your next shot still takes about 3-5 seconds between the time the last ball is moving and allowing your next shot. This may not seem like a lot, but I feel it’s a bit distracting, and would be even more so to a younger viewer.
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:+1: Great feedback thanks! And wow thanks for playing and providing constructive detailed feedback! :happy4:

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So far I have made these updates.

  1. Updated the chairs to something better.
  2. Changed the strike power to a more logarithmic curve, lots more power.
  3. Added a touch more friction to the pool balls.
  4. Shrunk the aiming reticule making it less prominent.
  5. Differentiated the rotation & momentum curves, back spin works now.

Still working on:

  1. The GUI elements for zoom and cool down timer across multi player experience.
  2. Transparent cue and a target ball showing hit location.
  3. Allow the player to view the projected target from the above camera.

Again, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

If one hits a ball with too much hit power then it can now sometimes cause the cue ball to go through other balls, as though invisible

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