Feedback on Realistic Build

Hey Guys, Excited to be on the DevForum again just need some feedback on this build, I feel it’s getting plain at the back but I cannot wrap the tiling around as it would be unrealistic. Wanting to continue work on it again and redo the interior again but handed it to the customer early for good service.

That is the front and side of this building and this is the back:

The back is bare to the street and I want to find some ways to spruce it up, My Customer did not want too much graffiti and I was trying to stick to what it was in real life. The other problem is finding what buildings look like where google maps cannot get as their 3d modelled earth is not good quality (especially here in Australia) I just want to know some ways to make it look a bit nicer while still keeping it as realistic as it can be.

Thanks in Advance,


It’s a great build, but it’s not quite there yet. The texture of the materials is kinda throwing it off. The windows on the exterior look flat due to the lack detail such as trims and sill:


Thank you very helpful! Textures are as close as I can get them to what they actually are but thank you!

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At the back you could add some stying, as well as trash bins and doors usually behind buildings.

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