Feedback on Realistic Pencil Drawings

If you can’t tell I’m an artist!
I create digital and traditional art!
I wanted to know what you guys thought of my ‘Realistic’ pieces and do you think they would interest people for commissions?



If you did digital art, I believe more people would be interested.

These looks very nice though! The shading looks very nice imo. I really like the attention to detail on the tips in the 1st picture. I can see the little cracks and imperfections. Are any of these inspired by real life people?

About the KDA one, the eyes could use the sharp pupil look from the reference. And the eye lashes don’t look as sharp as the reference. Great job with the eyebrows though! I always have a hard time with those.

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I do digital as well and I’m learning to do portraiture digitally.
First one is from a reference photo from an art course I did.
Second is from a photo.
Third is from a video game character.
Last one is from my head without any reference :smiley:

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Here’s the game character

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Just finished this!


Is that the ear of a male or a female? Because if it’s a male’s make sure to add an adems apple at the neck.

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I believe it’s a Male. Here’s the reference photo I went off.

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Everything looks correct on the drawing side. All I can comment on is the shading. It looks a bit too dark in my opinion.

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Wow , these type of drawing are worth 2k-3k robux.

Well done , suggest you to open your commissions and serve these drawings.

Surely you will receive more orders.