Feedback on recent GFX

Hello, Id like feedback on my most recent gfx.

All feedback is allowed, if you’d like to order here is my contacts. Dizzy: Ally#1111


i think you should have lighting coming from a certain direction, or a different background as it matches with the clothes and makes it hard to see chunks of the image


the truth is very dark I suggest you put lights


It’s very dark, maybe add some lighting otherwise its good keep it up

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I think more lighting would be cool. The text font doesnt really vibe with the dark theme also.

I can’t really see the character. I think it is caused you baked wrong. You need to have diffusive color not combined direct indirect

It looks nice, but I do have some suggestions for improvements…

  • “Lights, Lights, Lights.”, The image is very dark, we’re missing very important details(such as parts of the character), I’d recommend adding an HDRI / set of lighting.

  • The text color does not match very well with the dark image, try changing it a little, Try making it more vibrant?

Those are my suggestions and opinions, feel free to disagree with me.


Too dark, I really cannot tell what is happening, the background is black, the clothing is, I think the hair is if there is hair on the avatar. The accessory is black so overall, just brighten it! Nice work though!

The head is not visible due to the background color and it degrades the image

Its headless but thanks for your feedback

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Really, Really good GFX. The only problem I have is that its a bit dark. Anyway, keep up the good work.