Feedback on Recent GFX

Hi there, I’ve recently made a few new profile pictures and thumbnails and I’d like some feedback on them. I suggest including your opinions, what is good, what can be improved and a general rating from a scale of 1-10.

The profile picture examples:

The thumbnail examples:

If there is anything you’d like to discuss with me personally, please DM me on Discord through my server: Discord.

Base Information:

  • I use Blender v2.83 to render the scene and import avatars.
  • I use Photoshop to edit and improve the renders, such as adding overlays and colour corrections.

My commissions sheet (for more examples):

Any feedback and support on this thread would be greatly appreciated. I’ll try to get back to your comments as quick as possible, thank you!


They are good the only thing I would say is to increase the intensity of the lighting a bit more but other than that they are great!


Where’d you get the rig’s? They look amazingly good, with all the finger’s and so on.

You need to make the lightning a bit brighter and add a few effect’s, For glass, try learn how to make it look like glass.

Overall, 8-9/10! :+1:

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The profile pictures definitely work way better than the thumbnails. You should make the thumbnails way more vibrant, honestly.

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I think they are very cool! I love that you put some props and the backgrounds are really nice, too. So yeah I dont have anything bad to say about this so I would rate your GFXs a 10/10

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Those look great! Nice work bro :+1:

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wow looks good you could sell that to roblox youtubers

Nah, it’s not THAT good, I still have lots of areas for improvement!

I agree, the profile pictures are mainly better because I practice on them a lot more, and I seldom work on thumbnails unless I have commissions for them. Thank you for the feedback!

Alright, thank you for the feedback!
Also, I used the rig (Type A, faceless) from this video: ( !! UPDATED !! ) Roblox Rig V4 || Blender - YouTube

no really id buy it if I was a youtuber

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