Feedback on Red Bull Ring

So, I’ve been working on my Red Bull Ring race track for a while now and even tho it’s not yet 100% finished, I’d love to get some feedback on it. I feel like my project is already on it’s final stages, where just some more scenery might need to be added and some parts need to be fixed.

Progress Status

Track: 100% | Fully Complete
Scenery: 75% | Mostly Complete
Pits: 10% | Early Stage

Track Information

Name: Red Bull Ring
Location: Spielberg, Austria
Lenght: 4.318 km | 4317 m | 1209 stds
Sponsors: Aramco, Emirates, PZero, Pirelli, Rolex
Average Lap Time: 1:14:550

Track Screenshots

Note: Screenshots may be outdated in some time as I keep making progress.

If you want to check the track out yourself: Red Bull Ring (WIP) - Roblox

I’d really appractice it if I can get some feedback on my project as this is my first time building such a build.
Also, please keep in mind that this is not the finial build and it’s still Work In Progress, so a few places may not look the same as in real life or may be a little bit off.

Thanks! :happy2:

Off topic, but I am also building Spa-Francorchamps so check it out too if you’d like to: Spa-Francorchamps - Roblox