Feedback On "[RELEASE] Coin Collecting Simulator"


To me, I find the game very boring and i started losing interest within 3 minutes of gameplay. The game is just talking and selling, repeat…


User Interface (UI)

The User Interface (UI) looks very boring and ugly.



You can use a plugin to make your User Interface (UI) round, if wanted message me. Or using photoshop you can make some User Interface (UI) using this post (Click Here). It teaches you step by step on how to create eye catching, and amazing User Interface (UI)


The gameplay is also very boring as I find it just to be walking and buying new areas. (The shop also doesn’t work). Adding things like pets, hats and other tools to help collect coins faster and better would make people want to play more, right now, it just seems like endless walking. would make coins worth more or even give you a faster walking speed, therefore you collect coins faster and better. Hats would give you possible make coins worth more also and even give a jump/speed boosts as well. Tools would possible do the same thing, but maybe better range or even make your rebirths worth less or something, but do something creative. By your own game, don’t copy other games and have fun with what your making.


User Interface (UI)

As I listed, make/buy better User Interface (UI) (I could recommend TedArthur if your buying). This would give players a better playing time. Here is a list of stuff you remember when creating your User Interface (UI)!:

If you want good User Interface (UI), your going to need a style that matches your game and that fits and looks nice, (most likely by using a 3rd party software other than ROBLOX)

Use a nice color that stands out to the average ROBLOX player, (e.g. For a Simulator, use nice bright colors, for a FPS use nice dark colors.).

After this, you should have a somewhat good User Interface (UI).


For the gameplay, this needs a lot of work. I’d recommend adding more into the game then just walking and collecting, be creative. Add Pets, Hats, Tools, whatever you want, JUST BE CREATIVE! All of the top ROBLOX games (mostly) are creative. Make a fun and amazing game that YOU would want to play. If you don’t like the gameplay, others probably won’t also.

Just adding more stuff to making the gameplay better and more enjoyable is needed.


Thanks for reading! I hope you use this advice and make a more fun and creative game. If you want, let me know when you have done this and maybe i’ll rerate your game, for now, I rate your game a…


3/10, this is due to the poor gameplay and ugly User Interface (UI).

See you!

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