Feedback on Remastered Game Renders

Hey! I recently remastered some of my renders for my game, Megalodon Survival.



I created all of this in Blender. Let me know what you think of the change!


In all honesty, this isnt much of a gfx, more like a render. It just looks like you changed the lighting/made it brighter. Some things I suggest to improve are editing is effects, or using things like, curves, contrast, color balance, and maybe blur for depth of field.

Gfx means Graphic Effect (s), implying to added effects or had a render and improved thus on with an editing sophware.

I quote from " Illustration. Design. The Graphic Design (GFX) program teaches students how to produce and present print and digital graphic design work and graphic art in a professional client/designer environment, with a focus on logos, company branding, illustrations, still and motion graphics, and web design."

This is a course teaching design and gfx and has the meaning of it in the description. What you have is a render, poeple mix these two up constantly. And another thing… I belve I went too far on the render vs gfx thing so here are my improvement thoughts… It looks good for a render, though I would change the camera positioning and the lighting, and add some effects to it like a better ocean or some shadows.


Thank you so much for the explanation!!! And thank you for the feedback too. :slight_smile: