Feedback on render

Hey guys!
I’ve just recently learned about using nodes to render in Blender.

I just finished a render of a classic noob, and I’m trying to achieve the look of like a plastic/vinyl kind of toy.

Looking for feedback on how well I achieved this, as well as ways to improve it.
Thanks in advance, Retro

Also maybe some feedback on my first render, a gold statue of my character: :wink:



I’ll be honest, it looks pretty good.

You’re golden statue looks amazing as well.

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They look quite nice.

The noob image seems to be really compressed, but that could just be the plastic effect.

The gold statue is a cool render, the gold texture, however, looks a bit odd as it’s being repeated from square 1 on every limb and is very obvious.
The gold texture also makes me think of depth, which I believe is not intended.

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Thanks, @vAshinaa, your feedback means a lot!

I see what you’re saying, @ElliottLMz, and for my next renders I’m going to try to fix those issues. Thanks for the feedback! :smiley:


The plastic noob looks more like a metallic, rough noob rather than plastic.

The gold texture is an overall nice use of the Principled BDSF shader, but the weird artifacts in the reflection really takes away from it.


Hello developer, I do not know much about the renders! but since I’m seeing it right now, you did a great job, I’m very happy with the designs of your models, the best is the 3d that gives it a better touch, keep it up!


Looks good. I would suggest learning how to rig your characters before moving on to anything else.

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Great job on the renders! The golden one is my personal favorite, one thing the shadow on the first render seems a bit off to me, otherwise amazing job!

Hey there, I really like both of those renders! One thing I would fix if I were you are these noticeable color differences all over the noob.

(You can notice it more when you see a smaller version of the image.)

To me the gold statue looks good the way it is, but if you use smooth shading, then it would really add to the shine of the gold.

Overall, I can see you put a lot of effort into this so good job! How long did it take to make these?

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Your renders are pretty good, although the texture on the noob character looks somewhat off. I also really like your golden statue.

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The render you have made, looks quite good like the gold statue however here a few things to fix on your render!!

My Suggestions

  • Just like “Carbyne” your first render has a lot of different colors on them, i think you used a
    texture effect on it, you should fix that up a little so it could look more. Better and the render looks a little dark you could add some light to your render!! i would recommend you do that.

  • The gold character render looks really good, however there seems to be some black spots on his arm and eye part, as you could see below. You should fix that a little bit and add some more light to your render there seems to be! light gold and some black shadows on his body!!

Overall you have, really done a great job on your logo hope to see more soon.

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So this what the statue looks like when they add inside the game.