Feedback on rendered GFX

Feedback on these rendered images:

I just wanted feedback as maybe I could get to the point of selling my work.


Looks good, i think you are at the point where you have the potential to start selling.

However, the GFX designs could be improved. What software do you use? The images could be made to look a bit more vibrant and detailed, as of now they look a little simplistic (unless of course they were meant to look that way).

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Thank you for the kind response it really helps! To Answer your question I use Blender 2.82 well at the time of the GFX I used Blender 2.80 but once again thank you and I will definitely improve my GFX with your words.

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I really like it! I don’t even know the basics of GFX, but I think in some of these renders, there’s too much shadows.

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Thank you for the kind response, I will definitely improve with my shadows but nonetheless thank you!

Pretty good scene composition!

The biggest thing to improve on is the lighting. You have one very intense light (presumably a sun lamp) That casts a very dark and sharp shadow that contradicts your primary light. A way to improve your environmental lighting is to have the ambient light the same color as your sky (which is way to dim for how blue it is). If you look at pictures of shadows on the exterior of a building on the time of day, you can see subtle hints of cooler colors that contrast with the warmth of the sun, as the sky provides a secondary light.


I’d recommend playing around with settings to get bounce light correct, as the lighting setup you currently have is behaving very weird. For instance, the right wall is correctly bouncing light onto the left, but not the other way round.
And this car doesn’t affect the lighting on the wall it’s parked next to
This could aided by enabling settings like Contact Shadows

Or increasing the Samples

You really have something going here with the composition, but the lighting leaves something to be desired. Keep up the awesome renders!


I liked the last image the most but, if what you could’ve done is add more effects to it, and lighting with photoshop. The first image looks really bland but you did really good! Renders 2 and 3 are really awesome! So yeah try adding more detail to the first render, though I love it!