Feedback on restaurant needed! [Part 2]

Feedback on restaurant needed! [Part 2]

Hey, my name is splxhy.
I am an up-and-coming builder on this platform and need some feed-back for a re-master for my past restaurant. I felt as if it wasn’t my best work due to it being rushed for release and had no inspiration, ideas, or even a decent floor plan. This time I do and feel more confident.

I started development around 45 minutes ago, and need some feedback ultimately on the front “alpha-look” of the build. Meaning, the early stages.

Pictures of the re-master progress:

This is all subject to change, I do realize the brightness of this build and some flaws, however, this is very early and was finished in 45 minutes.
On the other hand, honest to me is the best. I do not get hurt by any strong or minor opinions about this. So, let it flow on out for any bit you agree or disagree with so far!


Great job my friend, love and I mean love the realism in this. The lights on the front make it amazing. You can also add plently more detail outside. I would recommend to just keep watch of your parts, and unions, meshes, etc. To many of those can cause lots of lag.

The detail is amazing though, keep it up.

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Looks really good, I really love how this build is but the letters are a little thick. maybe shrinking them in a bit? But it dose look really good keep it up!
(second image)

I sure am doing that, trust me, I convert most of those “many-part” groups to meshes to not account for as many parts but to account for vertices decreasing lag by a little each time I convert.

Noticed that just now, I will do that shrink that for sure!

Awesome and very detailed parts of your current restaurant so far! No recommendations from me.

Really nice, love it! Could use an interior though.

Looks awesome, I love the detail. I wanna see the photos when it is finished it’ll look awesome! :rofl: :+1: :sweat_smile:

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I love the details it looks so good as far. Keep working I really want to see it when it finished

Thanks everyone for the support.
It might be finished by the end of next week.
It a depends on how much school work I have this week. :man_shrugging:

Great building, it wil lcause lag so I would recommend making a low detail mode that disables unnecessary effects, you will lose out on a lot of mobile players because most players play on mobile.

Not really, they are all converted to meshes.
Lag really isn’t even a problem for me on my mobile phone as when I tested it.

Looks incredible, really good job with the lighting and blending that with the general build.

With the metallic grid part, it might be worth turning CastShadow off if you’re not too interested in realism up there. It will decrease lag in that area, especially as that looks like a union with quite a few parts.

Whilst most opt to keep it on, especially in these build styles, you could see how it looks. From experience I know this helps, especially when your build starts to increase in parts.

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I’m not as experienced in this, but the realism is incredible! The vibe hits just the right spot. All I have to say is well done!