Feedback on revolver model

Hello! If anyone could give me any feedback with my model and how I could upgrade I would appreciate it!



i say: make the revlover and barrel longer and bigger respectively, so it doesnt look like a toy. dont have the big bend in the handle (make it not too big). and add textures and scratches. it is pretty nice. maybe look at real revolvers or roblox wild west revolvers for inspiration cause those are good models

Well, the cylinder part could be a little higher because I have feeling like the bullet could not fit in barrel. I don’t any problems with barrel, I saw revolvers with so short barrel, and also hammer and trigger guard may be a little bit thinner.

Anyway I like your model.

I will try using textures next time, as it is a bit difficult for me to add textures as am still a bit new to blender, and for the barrel I tried making a revolver as the image below, I will also make the handle a bit more little, I appreciate the feedback!


It looks like da barrel position doesnt seem to make the bullets get out, try lowering it a bit

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