Feedback on Road Signs

Hello! I am a developer and I own GB Development! Recently I’ve made a few British-based road signs!
So I thought I’d just come and get the forum’s opinion. I created them with ImageLabels and TextLabels and they are fully customisable!


Those look really incredible! The images are good quality and they look like they belong there! Great Job!

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Thank you! I tried CSG signs first but then I thought ImageLabels would look better so went with them :+1:

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ain’t to good nor bad. I like the color scheme but the road signs aren’t good by road signs I mean
image image
That is just disturbing.

the 1/2m is realistic to real life as well as the left picture doesn’t have 1/2 m if that’s what you’re pointing out and with the arrow couldn’t get the arrow off right on the left picture sadly