Feedback on ROBLOX Deathrun-inspired map

Hello everyone, my name is HeIIoISteaIUsernames, and I’m looking for feedback on this ROBLOX Deathrun inspired map.

Here are the pictures:

(outside of the castle)

(heading towards castle interior)

(castle interior)

(behind the castle)


This looks like a great build! I’m not an expert at building but maybe you should try to make it stand out more variety or making it a bit brighter/darker perhaps. If you are going for an old castle theme maybe add some spider webs or worn out bricks. If it’s new then make it shine more, maybe having paintings on the wall.


It is really detailed and professional. All I can say is that some areas look slightly to “blocky” so to say.

Despite this, it is a great start. Keep up the great work!

It is very good! try making the map less dark because Dethrun is available in mobile devices and there you can’t see the dark things very well.

This is a good build but I think it would look really nice if you messed around with some of the Studio lighting settings. Specifically, you could work on the Ambients and add in ShadowMap lighting to add in some more depth. I also think some ColourCorrection and a slight Blur effect would help the build to look good.

Right now, the build feels like it lacks a certain vibe to it. I also think you could try to replace some of the Roblox materials with textures on SmoothPlastic parts which will give it more of an arcade feel.

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This looks quite nice!

The terrain and vegetation looks spot-on. There is a good variance in terrain height to make things look interesting. I would make your grass parts thicker so that the difference between floor and wall becomes more visible when looking at it from the side.

The cave doesn’t look very logical to me. You’ve decorated it to be a more natural cave instead of a man-made built cut-out, but it’s too geometrically perfect with a steel-beam-reinforced doorway.

The castle colour scheme is interesting. White and Blue can work well together, but require a bit more accents and texture/depth. The windows look alright, but their placement and small size makes it appear as if they are copy-pasted on random positions of the walls without much thought of how the castle is layed-out. This way, the castle feels much more like a decorational backdrop instead of feeling like a functional castle that has an interior. Definitely try to work with a floor texture that looks different from your walls - that will visually separate them and look more appealing.

The color of the water is too dark. While bright-blue water doesn’t make sense in a darker map, this color feels unnatural. It miss-matches with the waterfall particles too, which can be adjusted. As the color is also very similar to the color of the skybox and the castle accent color, it feels like Blue is grabbing too much attention in a lot of your screenshots.

Lastly, I would suggest to put some more thought into how different areas of the map connect. In your last screenshot, the ‘mountain with waterfall’ and the ‘log structure holding up crates’ both seem like they were added on top of emptier areas in the map and don’t necessarily connect with what is happening around them. Try making a larger mountain so the waterfall feels more logical, or do more with log structures and crates around the map so that they don’t feel out-of-place.

Hope that helps! It’s a good start and shows promise.


Looks awesome!! :grinning:
Something I believe would look better was if you made the color of the castle walls and ground to be different, it would make it better visually to walk and look at I believe.
You could also make each part on the ground be slightly different in color using both color menus!

This is perfection on another level.Keep it up,I hope you excel at developing projects like this,