Feedback on Roblox Studio replica ui

So i made this gui, and i want feedback to make it as accurate as possible. This is the top bar in roblox studio (dark mode)

It’s not done, so don’t tell me about the blatently obvious ones like “you forgot other pages” or something

Also, this is a REPLICA. This means it’s trying to be as close to the real thing as possible.

Example of selections (not done)

Game link: Roblox Studio - Roblox


Sorry to be that guy but it looks like it was just screenshotted

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What is it supposed to be?

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I would like to give feedback, but I’m unsure if you actually recreated the UI or not.

The sizing of the icons and lettering looks 1:1 to me, and you didn’t share a whole lot of your ROBLOX Studio session other than a tiny snippet, supposedly.

Could you show more along with the Explorer, please? (●’◡’●)

Sure, i guess


Yep. This definitely looks screenshotted.

The whole point of recreating something is to make it better right?

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It’s “recreation” as in “remade” as an exact replica. Thats probably my fault for not wording it correctly

EDIT: changed the title

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