Feedback on robot arm

this is a robot arm im making, can i have some feedback?


Is this rigged? Other than that you might want to put some more human like features, that helps a lot with robot arms.

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Hello developer brother!
Your work is not bad, but if you want to improve you can see real models of futuristic robotic arms, like this:

In your case, I recommend using Blender, which is an excellent tool for modeling parts and then you can export it to Roblox Studio.
I leave you the Blender link so you can download it

I hope my answer has been useful to you.

PS: If you want to make things even better, I recommend you eat pizza while you do them. A personal suggestion :wink:


It looks cool for a sci-fi movie/sci-fi game other than that it looks odd.

I suggest adding more hands or make it more factory-like?

Kinda looks like GLaDOS from portal 2, but as an arm.
Other than that, it looks amazing!