Feedback on robot-themed simulator map

I made a map for a robot-themed simulator map in my spare time, and wanted some feedback on it. For some context, this game is about fighting other players with power-ups, and upgrading yourself to become more powerful. The map here is the main lobby, where you can customize, upgrade, and generally hang out. The portals lead to other maps, which lets you fight other players to earn themed power-ups.
You can also see the map here, specifically the main lobby: Simulator Map - Roblox

Update: Changed platform color, redesigned shop, added labels for platforms, and changed bridge design.


It looks awesome! I like the layout of the map with the buildings and objects with it as well, and the choice of colors with some of the objects.

Overall, it’s a great build you made there, and I don’t see much of a change, nice work! :+1:


I love what you did with the DOF effect.


I just love how you used the new roblox lighting effect, yes it makes it outstanding and overall is just fantastic! I actually love the theme, great job!


I love how you used the lighting and brought the “robot” title into being. It looks so amazing and outstanding that I have no idea what to say!


I just wanted to say the lighting in this looks fantastic. Keep it up!


I think it looks really nice, but one thing you could improve is to make the bridges more robot-themed looking. Right now they look really basic. You could do this by making them transparent and maybe adding wires running through them or something. I also feel as if the gear teleporter or whatever that may be could use some more details or a texture. It looks a bit basic once again. Overall, I think you did a fantastic job, but it could use more details and some sprucing up. Hope this helps!


Absolutely stunning. There’s nothing i can say. Its perfect.

Hope this helps! :+1:

I must say immediate reaction thats pretty good!

Hello! I like the map. But I feel like some things like the mushroom part, doesn’t match the rest of the scene. I really liked the truss below the platforms, very good and it fitted the robotic theme. The middle part could have a truss too but more detailed/complex. The grass platforms don’t really fit the theme, could have something more normal like the gray/dark terrain in it. Other than that, I liked it a lot and I see a very good future for that simulator. :+1:

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It is a nice start for a map, but there are some big improvements you should make.

  1. Theme
    Theme is heavily important when making something, and everything should fall under the theme you are going for. Some of the builds that you made don’t make the robot-themed map. Most of them have different themes, such as this,

    and this.

  2. Description
    A description is used to help explain objects, groups, and areas. This can help new players find stuff far more easier than wandering the map and trying to know on what every single thing is. The build in the middle ( 2nd image above ), confused me on what it does. Is it a lobby? Is it just there as an extra detail? Is this an area where materials/resources are collected?

  3. Music and sounds
    I don’t know much about music and sounds, but I do know that it does keep players within the game less bored and have more “flavor” to the game. Music and sounds are these small details that most of us doesn’t really notice, but takes a huge role when making a game.

I really did like the trees and lighting, however. And the build that you made that held up the pieces of land looked really cool to me! The start of the simulator has a lot of potential, and I am looking forward to seeing on what it will become in the future.

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Hello there! Although I don’t have any suggestions, ideas, etc in particular, I just had to mention how remarkable that creation is there, even with the use of the new DOF effect, it’s just outstanding.
Keep up the brilliant work, I can’t wait for the future of this new simulator product.

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I just wanted to say your work is Fantastic!

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I think the paths to all the stuff is a bit too colorful and off-theme. Otherwise buddy, I say you did a better job than I could’ve! Good job!