Feedback on Role-play / Hangout game

I’ve finally finished a roleplay game I made for my friend called Scuttler Island. The game feels incomplete when I play though and I was wondering if people could give feedback, what I should change and what to add.

It’s okay.

The only problem with it is you’ve used too many free models. Free models are good for games and stuff. But you have a (modern) mcdonalds and the old Roblox Houses. And my avatar is not loading in the game :confused:

Apart from that its okay. Well done!

The game is completely full of outdated free models.

Because of this, it severely lacks immersion; without immersion in an RP game, nobody will play it.

There’s also nothing to do in the game either. You can buy a house and there’s a giant floating waterslide that’s barely functioning - that’s about it. The GFX (including the thumbnail and the icon) are very basic - they’re unimpressive, not very eye-catching, and don’t really give any detail as to what the game is about.

I think you need to take time to plan the game out carefully. In its current version, there’s very little you can actually do - there’s nothing interesting about it since it’s just a flat landscape with free models. You should brainstorm some unique, imaginative features you can incorporate into a new version, and I’d recommend creating your own assets rather than using assets out of the toolbox so you can tailor them more to what you want, rather than moulding your game around assets from the toolbox.

TLDR; there’s nothing interesting about the game - its quality needs to be increased and there needs to be some incentive to play in order to attract any players.

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It’s decent for a starting builder or scripter, but.

But, as @lrsxb said, you used too many Free models.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this game. Here are some problems I have with it :

  • Free models are used throughout the games.
  • Trees don’t look natural. (Due to them being in a straight line)
  • Thumbnails and icons don’t look as well-made as other Roleplay games.

But with all of this, I think it still has potential. I would fix a few of these problems so it could be a better game! Hope this helps.

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